Keeping Yeasts Away

We as common people are not aware of the various afflictions that affect the humans as much as the doctors do. Hence we are not able to recognize when we fall victims to any infection or when our children contract any disease. We remain ignorant until such time that the enemy has begun its attack on our body and our body immunity takes up the fight which is when we fall sick. More than the serious types of diseases like cancer or other maladies, we fall prey to normal local infections of skin and internal organs more often. We are not the only ones to inhibit this earth. There are several other species and then there are several micro organisms and bacteria too that inhibit the earth but is all around us in the environment as well as in our body. These microbial organisms tend to grow in the human body when the environment is conducive and cause problems.

Most of us would have heard of the common word yeast infection but have hardly given any thought. In fact most people at one time or the other in their lifetime do fall prey to these infections. The medical name for Yeast infection is Candidacies. This is an infection caused by fungi or yeast. Of the twenty or more species of yeast, the most common species happens to be Candida albicans. Most often these live and thrive on the surface of the human body in the areas which is moist and warm.

The most rampant and common yeast infections that we come across are vaginal yeast infection, thrush, diaper rashes, skin rashes and infections of nail bed. Normally in babies the areas around the mouth and the diaper areas are prone to yeast formation and infections. In women however various parts of the body including mouth, under the breast, lower abdomen as well as under arms and other skin folds including private parts are prone to yeast infections. In men too yeast infections occur in the form of thrush and infections of urinary bladder etc.

The earliest symptoms of yeast infections include redness of the skin, itching and inflammation. If the infection persists and increases then the condition can get aggravated. Some cases can even turn fatal too...

Women are good hosts for the Candida albicans. These organisms are found in the vagina of all women. In the normal course of monthly menstruation, pregnancy , usage of birth control pills , sexual intercourse etc provide a fertile ground for the organisms to grow rapidly without control and cause infection.

The infections are normally treated with topical antibiotics or antimycotics which are also called antifungal drugs. Most often the prescriptions include clotrimazole , topical fluconazole , ketoconazole or topical nystatin . The medical practitioners are the best judges to choose the particular drug and the dosage depending upon the type of infection.

Knowing now that your body is full of bacteria waiting to wage a battle, it is important for every one to ensure that they maintain good diet to improve and stretch the immunity, maintain healthy habits including hygiene and above all drink plenty of liquids to help wash away the toxins as well as flush out the bacteria. Most often with basic care and maintenance one can avoid these infections easily. We invite these infections normally due to lack of awareness.